COVID -19 Tuition Policies

  • All students must participate in the daily health screening and meet the requirement for entry set out by the Public Health Department, Ministry of Education and Pathways staff and student policy as amended from time to time.

  • Days absent due to failed health screening, COVID-19 symptoms and/or COVID-19 self-isolation periods are not subject to refund or credit.

  • Should an individual classroom be required to self-isolate, virtual learning will take place for that class only.

  • Virtual learning will take place during a Ministry of Education or Public Health mandated school closure.

  • If mandated school closure exceeds any consecutive 2-week period, then virtual learning will take place and discounted tuition rates may apply.

  • Written cancellation policy still applies during mandated closure periods.

  • Rotary subjects, field trips and special events impacted by the COIVD-19 mandates are not subject to a tuition discount.

  • Tuition refunds will only be made if mandated by the Provincial Government or Ministry of Education.

  • As stated on the Registration request form, registration and enrolment fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.