~ Parent Testimonials ~

We are so happy with our decision to send our children to Pathways Academy. The high level of academic achievement that is so common in Montessori schools is a draw for many parents. Couple that with the nurturing and supportive environment that Michelle and the wonderful teachers and staff have created, the children positively thrive.
Shannon O’Connor &  David Forsyth



We currently have two children at Pathways Academy and we are very impressed with the curriculum, the small student to teacher ratios and especially the incredible teachers and staff. Pathways Academy gives our children the tools to become well rounded, independent individuals. Our children are not only taught, but loved and cared for by every teacher.

We absolutely love this school!

Michael & Ilana Agrette



Our daughter started J.K at Pathways Academy a year and a half ago. Surprisingly enough, the cost for half a day of daycare( which we would have to pay for 5 days a week even though we only needed 3 days) was only $200 less a year than 3 full days of Montessori education with a half hour of before and after school care included! Since starting her education, our daughter has learned at an astonishing rate, but the biggest thrill as parents have been how much she loves to go to school every day. The teachers at Pathways are extremely conscientious of our daughter’s abilities and learning needs. They have an innate talent for capitalizing on her strengths and developing her weaknesses in a challenging, yet fun environment. One of the greatest aspects of the program at Pathways is that every student learns at their own pace and whatever level the following year. We could not be more pleased with the entire Pathways experience so much so, that our youngest daughter will begin her education there in the fall.


Julie & Chris Lech



Pathways Academy is a wonderful school. We are able to take our son who is in JK, and our daughter who is a toddler to the same building in the morning. Our daughter is learning to count, enjoys French and her loving teachers are even supporting us with potty training! Our son is being challenged and encouraged by his knowledgeable teachers.

Knowing the kids are happy to go to school every day means a lot.

Thank you,

Laura & Bryan Saelens



Pathways Academy is a school where their commitment to teaching comes second only to their love of children. The atmosphere of the school is warm, nurturing and a respectful place for your child to reach their full potential. Their approach to teaching is shrouded in their empathetic connection and understanding of your child, making it an ideal environment. Our son is not only learning to love learning, he is engaged daily, in a loving and respectful environment which is modeled for him by this exemplary school family.

Julie & Travis Hopkin




Pathways Academy has provided a great learning environment for both our children. We are truly amazed at what our daughter has learned at the age of 4 after being here for two years. She’s more confident and independent, thanks to the structure of the education provided here. All the teachers and staff are warm and caring, which both my children love very much.

Wonderful job to all the staff at Pathways Academy,

Thiang family



Our daughter was already enrolled in private daycare when we first heard of Pathways from a friend. After touring and learning more about Pathways, our decision to enroll was easy! It was easy because the teacher/student ratio was better, the curriculum and classroom fostered a better learning environment and the difference in price was minimal. Our daughter has been enrolled at Pathways since September 2009 at 18 months of age. The development of her vocabulary, languages, counting and recognition skills, gross motor functioning, as well as her practical life skills has surpassed our expectations. The teachers are very easy to talk to and are willing to work with the parents to achieve goals for their children. The families of Pathways are especially friendly and supportive. We rest easy knowing that our daughter is safe at school and excited to go to school every morning.

Stephen & Claudia Moran




Why Pathways? Where do we begin? Both our children started their path to academic success at the tender age of 18 months. What a journey it has been! The independence, the knowledge, the self worth that they have for themselves is just outstanding. Our oldest daughter, who is 6 now, is very well rounded, outspoken, confident. Our son who is 3, cannot wait to go to school every morning. What a relief it is, knowing you are leaving your children with the most loving, kind, respectful, and very knowledgeable staff you will ever meet. We have been with Pathways since day one, and they have become part of our family. It’s a nice feeling every morning, feeling like you’ve left your children with family.

                                                                                                                                         Steve and Lily Groulx



Our Family has 2 children at Pathways Academy. One is in Casa and the other in the toddler class. We have been at Pathways for over a year and a half. It has been an amazing experience for our children. We love the structured day beginning with O Canada, French classes and art classes. They have everything you could imagine for young learners. My son loves playing in the gym, and my daughter loves dancing and singing songs. I am continually amazed at the progress they make with their learning, and also appreciate the extra work the teachers have done for my son’s special needs. The teachers and staff are caring, kind, and loving. Whenever we’ve had a concern it has been dealt with immediately. It is so nice to know we can voice our concerns and have them taken seriously. The concerts that the classes perform for parents have always been entertaining and so appreciated. The staff work extra hard to make sure the students have a great time at school, with things like carnivals, Father’s Day mini put, snuggle up and read, trips to the pumpkin farm, and after school BBQ’s.  We are proud to say we attend Pathways Academy.

The Kennedy Family