Wear A Mask – By-law

Wear A Mask – By-law

Spotlight Announcement: Niagara Regional Council adopts mandatory mask by-law to combat the spread of COVID-19

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Niagara Regional Council has approved a by-law making it mandatory to wear a face covering or non-medical mask in enclosed public places.

The by-law comes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on July 31, 2020 and will remain in effect until Oct. 1, 2020 unless extended by Regional Council. Click Here to learn more about the bylaw.

“With fewer government mandated restrictions on business to slow the spread of infection, the balance has shifted to each of us as citizens to take responsibility for slowing the spread of COVID-19. More than ever, we all need to keep two metres distance from each other, to wash or sanitize our hands frequently, to wear face coverings when we can’t keep a 2 metre distance, whether indoors or outdoors, and monitor our health for any symptoms of illness so we can be tested if we do get sick.”

~ Dr. Hirji, Acting Medical Officer of Health

What does this mean for families at Pathways Academy?  

The by-law does make exemptions for indoor locations that would already have their own policies, or would be subject to other provincial legistaltion or guidlelines. Pathways Acaedmy is included in this exception. 


  • Our screeners will be wearing a mask while at the screening station
  • Any support staff that has to enter a classroom while children are present will wear a mask (i.e. to assist a teacher in an emergency situation, custodian needing to enter to clean an immediate mess)
  • We are strongly encouraging parents / guardians to wear a mask during the screening process when picking up and dropping off.

In the Provinical Guidelines,

    • Children do NOT have to wear a mask.
    • Teachers do NOT have to wear a mask while with there class, unless they are sitting with a child (in close proximity – less than 2m) for 15 minutes or longer.
    • Teachers do NOT have to wear a mask while in school and able to social distance from their co-workers in other cohorts

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